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A click of the shutter is just the beginning



“Always having been drawn to photography with a passion for travel ,Omar Swanson, has traveled different regions of the country shooting landscape and portrait photography. Enticed by the allure of city life and realism, Swanson offers us his view of the world through his lens. He captures moments that can take on different interpretations as well as taking private clientele. He specializes in a style consisting of colorful and energetic imagery. With a few photos being published in different publications including such as Hash Mag. His goal is to piece together a showcase of his work in a book of travels." ( excerpt from an interview with Erica Cane )

"The click of the shutter is just the beginning. I just captured a beautiful moment that will never happen again. A tangible memory! That's a gift, and a responsibility I don't take lightly." - Omar Swanson 

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